INJECT is an exercise platform
for cybersecurity tabletops

It will help you to boost your resilience and crisis preparedness

We've crafted a platform to assist you in preparing for cybersecurity incidents within your organization with tabletop exercises.

This sophisticated digital environment facilitates the entire tabletop scenario, encourages participant discussion, responds to their decisions, and offers numerous features to enhance training effectiveness.

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Enhanced Efficiency
Platform simplify exercise preparation, execution, and evaluation, reducing the workload for organizers.

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Quality of Experience
With the automation of reactions, participants can immediately feel the impact of their decisions.

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AI Data Analysis
Platform explores cutting-edge data processing and machine learning techniques for a more objective evaluation.

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Better Coordination
Effective coordination among stakeholders, such as IT experts, executives, and the state is a must.

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Improved Preparedness
It helps organizations and professionals to test their response plans and identify weaknesses. 

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Resilient Organizations
Platform helps to mitigate and overcome potential damage to infrastructure, reputation, or finances.

From Paper to Platform:
What was our experience in a university course?

Read the research paper

3 steps to start

  • #1

    Prepare for Installation

    The platform is designed to allow you to have your own instance. The first step is to understand the entire installation process, which can be delegated to your IT department.

    Installation Guides

  • #2

    Get Inspired by the INJECT Process

    Once your platform instance is ready, you can begin exercise preparation. While other tabletop frameworks or project management tools can still be helpful, the specifics of the platform are covered by the INJECT process, which guides you on how to use the platform for exercise preparation.


  • #3

    Join us

    Collaboration allows us to share and inspire each other. Given the limited number of tabletop designers, the community will be quite elite, offering more opportunities for meaningful networking and specialized events just for members.



What is the origin of the INJECT Exercise Platform?

It is an outcome of the project titled "Intelligent Tools for Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Tabletop Exercises."

A multidisciplinary team at Masaryk University dedicated their research and development efforts to crafting specialized tools and methods aimed at revolutionizing the tabletop exercises format, with a focus on repeatability, scalability, and realism.

Specification of the project

  • Outcomes: 
    • Software tools for planning and executing tabletop exercises.
    • Software tool for evaluating tabletop exercises.
    • Articles in proceedings published at international conferences.
  • Team: 
  • Sponsor: The project received funding from the Security Programme for a Resilient Society by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
  • Project Identification: VK01030007
  • Project Period: 1/2023 - 12/2026
  • Program: Open Calls for Security Research 2023-2029 (OPSEC)

More information

Who is this relevant for?

  • The target users are all organizations that strive to prepare for a cybersecurity crisis.
  • The project outcomes are specifically relevant for organizations of critical infrastructure and organizations directly responsible for ensuring security, such as armed security forces, rescue teams, selected state authorities, or intelligence services.
  • The exercises are intended for both technical and non-technical personnel involved in cyber security and interested in increasing their skills in cyber incident management.

Is the platform available?

  • Early adopters can install and test the platform in their environment and share their feedback with the INJECT team.

  • Later, it will be available under an open-source license.

How to cite the Inject Exercise Platform?

When referencing the INJECT exercise platform, please cite our paper titled:

This paper provides insights and practical experiences derived from a cybersecurity course where tabletop exercises were introduced utilizing the innovative technology of the INJECT exercise platform.

For a comprehensive overview of tabletop exercises, we recommend our Systematic Literature Review: "Research and Practice of Delivering Tabletop Exercises." 

Contact us if you are interested in INJECT.


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